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Middle School Tech teacher Peter Richards in Decatur, Georgia each year has had his students cast and paint a Series 24 Medieval Chess Set which they then auction off at an annual festival. The money raised is used for a scholarship fund and last year it raised $950. An example of foundry work being fun, creative, a learning experience for the students, and profitable for the school. See the students pictures and comments below.

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Metal casting is an adult hobby.  Children 12 and under require supervision.



Materials for Mold Making and Foundry CastingMold Making Foundry Casting            

Memo to Tech & Engineering instructors of Middle School, High School and Universities: Students with the knowledge of mold making and foundry techniques, will be able to apply these skills later in useful industrial applications. The fabrication of prototypes and short run sample productions will be easy and fast to complete. Your students will find knowledge of these projects creative, fun, and very worthwhile.

Since 1976 we have offered casting and mold making materials to formerly Industrial Arts Departments and now to Tech and Engineering instructors. Now we have added 2 easy to use Mold Making Materials, Quick-Sil & LiquaFast ICE and have over 450 pre-made miniature figure molds to choose from for immediate casting.

Mold Making Materials:

1. Quick-Sil - 2 part, clean silicone putty. Your students can produce a long lasting rubber mold that will accept up to 900 degrees F casting metal in less than 30 minutes. The flexibility of our Quick-Sil' can allow undercuts making the removal of a casting possible without tearing the mold.

0% Shrinkage!

No careful and precise mixing
needed-just take equal handfuls!
Mixing is easy and simple!


If you want to get started using "Quick-Sil" we recommend either:

Starter Kit
50000  that contains 2.2lbs. Part A&B "Quick-Sil",  a versatile Wood Mold Frame Box, Mold Release cream and one lb. synthetic clay. 
Starter Kit 52000 which contains all of the above but instead of the wood box an aluminum mold frame (3"x5x1") allowing a two-part mold to be made in one
minute shot.

Wood Frame

Metal Frame

For More Quick-Sil Kits click here

2. LiquaFast ICE - RTV Silicone Molding Rubber

You can select over 450 premade Molds & Dioramas. Including 7 different series of Chess Set Molds, Medieval, Fantasy, War Between the States, King Richards Court, Waterloo, Renaissance, and Football.

PRE-MADE MOLDS - When clicking on “Molds” under “Category listings” you will be able to view illustrations of 37 different miniature mold series ready for pouring. Please check out the comments made by Middle School Tech teacher Peter Richards and his students with regards to using our molds for successful scholarship fund raising.

For the classroom, we recommend the 10 lb. or 20 lb. capacity Lee electric melting pots. These have a dependable remote sensing thermostat in a dust tight mounting with infinite heat control up to 900 degrees, a front bottom flow spout, a long life 700 watt tubular heating element assures quick melting and rapid recovery.

#90009 l0 lb. Lee production Pot 4 with 4" of
clearance from spout to base.
Lee Precision 4 Melter
#90947 20 lb. Lee Pro 4-20 with 4" of clearance from spout to base.
Le Pro 4-20 Melter

Lee melting pots are guaranteed for 2 years.
For more melting pots click here.

We offer l0oz.Ingots of Lead-Free Pewter (92%/Sn/8%sb)
For more information or to discuss any of our products call Bob Blanc at 1-888-429-1707.

Easy Start Up Kits for the classroom:

STEM Starter Kit #1 includes
Lee 10 lb. Melting Pot #90009
PS1- 10 ingots of lead-free pewter (10 oz. ea.)
#52000 Quick-Sil Mold Making Kit
includes 2.2 lbs. Quick-Sil
Aluminum One Shot Mold Frame
Mold Release Cream, Alignment cap nuts & instructions
#6S24 Medieval Chess Set mold series/ 6 molds
2 Mold Clamps, Graphite Mold release powder
Item #SSK1 cost $436.95 plus $25 Shipping
STEM Starter Kit #3 includes:
Lee 10 lb. Melting Pot #90009,
PS1 – 10 ingots lead-free pewter (10 oz. ea.)
Series 31 (Good & Evil Fantasy 12 Mold Chess Set)
2 Mold Clamps, and Graphite Mold Release Powder
Item #SSK3 cost $434.95 plus $25 Shipping

STEM Mold Making Starter Kit #2 includes:
#50000 Quick-Sil Kit
with Versatile Wood Mold Box, 2.2 lbs. Quick-Sil Silicone Putty,
Mold Release Cream, Alignment Cap Nuts, and Mold Clay,
#30700 Liqua-Fast Ice 2.2 lbs. Part A&B RTV Silicone and
LF100 16 oz. Mold Release Spray
Item #SSK2 cost –$187.85 Plus $25 Shipping


STEM Starter Kit #4 includes:
Lee 10 lb. Melting Pot #90009.
PS1 – 10 ingots lead-free pewter
Series #34 (7-North American Wildlife Molds)
2 Mold Clamps, and Graphite Mold Release Powder
Item #SSK4 cost $408.95 plus $25 Shipping

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