(3) 10%Tin, 11% Antimony, 79%Lead 13 oz. ingots

(3) 10%Tin, 11% Antimony, 79% lead 13 oz. ingots

For hunters, sport shooter reloaders our premium CM2 Bullet Casting Alloy (contents: 10 %Tin-11% Antimony-79% Lead) is pure, new certified,—never scrap metal.  Easily melts with a torch or one of our Lee Infinite heat control Melting Pots.

Our alloy is similar to linotype with 11% Antimony and 10% tin significantly improves the quality of the bullet as it makes it harder, the tin allows the meal to flow into all crevices and the bullet will not leaden the barrel.


Important note: We have difficuity in accurately casting our ingots to the exact stated
weight but the ingots we ship will be equal to or heavier than the requested weight
but never liqhter.
  • Item #: CM2

(3) 10%Tin, 11% Antimony, 79%Lead 13 oz. ingots

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