This fun, profitable craft is easy to learn. Present different and versatile ways to make Jewelry Molds, then use to cast your own replicas.

We have two great Kits to choose from. 

Kit #6000 is designed for the jewelry maker to use this kit for sculpting original creations, making molds, and then casting replicas with the provided melting pot, in wearable lead-free pewter.

Kit #6100 is designed for making open-face and 2 sided molds from existing pieces, making the mold and casting the replicas in wearable lead-free pewter.

OPTIONAL ITEMS that can be added:

#PS11  1-6oz. Oxidizing Bath (for darkening pewter)---$t4.95

#PS15- 1-4/0 steel wool polishing pads-------- $2.95

#MS106 1lb. Kneadatite epoxy putty bars (white)....$21.95 

#MS104 Kneadatite "Green Stuff" Epoxy Putty 36" Pack....$14.95

#MS40000 Polymer Clay....$4.00

#PS1 10oz. ingot of lead free pewter....$11.95

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