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Coldstream Guard and Highlander Molds

(15) Silicone Rubber molds produce 54mm (1/32") scale figures.

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Guards & Highlanders

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SR95 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR96 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR97 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR98 Guard, w/ Interchangeable arm with Weapon Mold SR104 & SR105 $18.00
SR99 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR100 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR101 Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR102 Guard w/ Interchangeable arm with Weapon Mold SR104 & SR105 $18.00
Coldstream Guard $18.00
SR104 (6) Cavity Weapon Mold (see note below) $18.00
SR105 (6) Cavity Weapon Mold (see note below) $18.00
SR106 Highlander Molds $18.00
SR107 Highlander Molds $18.00
SR108 Highlander Molds $18.00
SR109 Highlander Molds $18.00
15S7 Entire set of (15) Guards and Highlander Molds $272.00

Coldstream Guard Molds: #SR95- SR103, By varying the uniform colors, 5 different Foot Guard Regiments can be created.

Weapon conversion molds SR104 & SR105 (not illustrated)  can be used on Guard molds SR98 & SR102. These have removable arms and are easily altered with interchangeable weapons.


Weapon molds SR104 and SR105 each has six cavities. The contents of each mold is as follows:


1. Right arm bent at elbow, carrying rifle over shoulder. For mold SR102 but may be filled in and     used with mold #SR98.
2. Swinging arm, no weapon. May be used with SR98 and SR102.
3. Arm extended with sword in hand. Can be used with SR98 and SR102.
4. Arm bent at elbow. Hand holding scabbard or rifle at angle over shoulder. For mold SR98.
5. Right arm extended, holding rifle at mid-point. For mold #SR102.
6. Arm bent with sword in hand, held upright. Can be used with #SR98 or #SR102.

1. Arm extended with bugle in hand. For mold SR102
2. Left arm bent at elbow, holding long rifle with bayonet. For mold SR98 but may be filled and     
used with SR102
3. Carbine and strap slung over left arm (bent). For mold SR98.
4. Rifle with strap and bayonet, arm bent for mold SR98. Can be filled and used with SR102.
5. Arm straight, holding rifle in hand. For mold SR102 but can be used with SR98.
6. Arm bent with sword in hand held upright. For mold #SR102 but can be used with SR98.

Britain's Guards have always worn the broad, black fur bearskin caps. Confusion has arisen in distinguishing the Guards from the Fusiliers due to their general similarity of uniform. The Fusilier's caps, however, are much thinner and can be recognized in this way. Each of the five Guard regiments are set apart by the plume or lack of plume on the cap as follows:

GUARD REGIMENT                         PLUME
Coldstream Guard                             Red plume on right side
Grenadier Guard                               White plume on left side
Irish Guard                                        Light blue plume on right side
Scots Guard                                      No plume
Welsh Guard                                     White plume on left side with a thin green horizontal line
                                                        cutting across it.
In addition, the Canadian Foot Guards uniform is identical to the Coldstream Guards with the exception of the red plume being on the left side of their bearskin caps.
Each guard regiment had a marching band and the production of a marching band mold series is
being planned.
Paint Colors for Coldstream Guards (Gloss finish, m114)
Hat - Black with red plume over left ear
Skin - Flesh
White Undershirt -Sometimes barely visible over black coat collar
Black epaulettes on coat shoulders outlined in white
Coat - Scarlet
Cuffs - Black
Belt, straps and equipment sacks - White
Pants - Dark Blue-Black, almost pure black with thin scarlet stripe down center of each outside leg.
Paint Colors for Highlanders (Molds SR106-SR109 Gloss finish, m114)
Hat - Black with White plume over left ear. Red head band around base of hat.
Jacket - Red
Collar and Cuffs - Regimental Yellow, finely outlined with black
Belts, straps, and equipment sacks - White outlined with Black
Blanket Roll - Grey straps, White outlined with Black
Mess Can - Silver
Rifle - Brown Drab
Bayonet - Silver
Kilts - Dark Green
Socks - Red outlined with Black
Boots - Black with White coverings


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