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"War Between the States"

54mm, Silicone Rubber Molds

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War Between States

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War Between States


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SR116 Soldier Firing Rifle $20.00
SR117 Marching Soldier $20.00
SR118 Kneeling Soldier $18.00
SR119 Soldier Holding Rifle $18.00
SR120 U.S. Camp Follower, Topless $18.00
SR121 U.S. 5th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry $18.00
SR122 Durvee's Zouaves, U.S. 5th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry $18.00
SR123 Durvee's Zouaves, U.S. 5th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry $18.00
SR124 Durvee's Zouaves, U.S. 5th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry $18.00
SR125 Durvee's Zouaves, U.S. 5th N.Y.  Officer (full dress) $18.00
SR126 CSA Gunner (Rammer) Artillery $18.00
SR127 CSA Gunner (Powder Man) Artillery $18.00
SR128 CSA Gunner (Lanyard Man) Artillery $18.00
SR129 CSA Private 15th Virginia Infantry $18.00
SR130 CSA Artillery Officer $18.00
SR131 CANNON (Parrot Rifle) $18.00
SR132 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR133 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR134 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR135 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR136 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR137 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR138 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR139 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR140 CSA General Officer $18.00
SR141 Rearing Horse $22.00
SR142 U.S. Regular Cavalry $18.00
SR143 CSA Infantry $18.00
SR144 U.S. Private, U.S. Colored Infantry $18.00
SR145 U.S. Corporal Cavalry (includes regimental flag, not rifle) $18.00
SR146 CSA  Louisiana Tiger Zouaves $18.00
SR147 CSA Regular Infantry Bugler $18.00
SR148 CSA Regular Infantry Flag Bearer $18.00
SR149 CSA Regular Infantry Drummer Boy $18.00
SR150 CSA Regular Cavalry $18.00
SR151 U.S. Regular Infantry- Overcoat $18.00
SR152 CSA Private, Maryland Guard Zouave $18.00
SR153 U.S. Regular Cavalry $18.00
SR154 Trotting Horse $22.00
SR155 U.S. Regular Infantry $18.00
SR156 U.S. Sergeant, 1st Heavy Artillery Corps D'Afrique $18.00
SR157 CSA "Butternut" Infantry $18.00
SR158 1st Texas Cavalry $18.00
SR159 CSA "Butternut" Infantry $18.00
SR160 CSA "Butternut" Infantry $18.00
SR161 CSA "Butternut" Infantry $18.00
SR162 Weapon Mold, (8) Weapons in mold $18.00
SR163 Civil War Soldier with Sword $18.00
SR164 Civil War Soldier with Rammer $18.00
SR165 Civil War Soldier Aiming Rifle $18.00
SR166 Civil War Artillery Soldier with Ram $18.00
51S11 Entire set of (47) "War Between the States" Molds $932.00

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