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Series 17 Carousel Molds

54mm, Silicone Rubber, Paint this set with Paint Kit #20

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SR222 Majestic Lion, Uses Flat Base Mold SR233 $18.00
SR223 Laughing Horse, Uses Base Mold with Pole Support $18.00
SR224 Father & Son, (2) Figure Mold $18.00
SR225 Lead Horse, Uses Base Mold with Pole Support $18.00
SR226 Giraffe, (4 piece mold), Uses Flat Base Mold SR233 $21.50
SR227 Royal Tiger, Uses Flat Base Mold SR233 $18.00
SR228 Patriotic Horse, Uses Base Mold with Pole Support $18.00
SR229 Swan, Uses Flat Base Mold SR233 $21.00
SR230 Mother & Daughter $18.00
SR231 Prancing Horse $18.00
SR232 Base Mold with Pole Support $18.00
SR233 Flat Base Mold $18.00
12S17 Entire Set of (12) Carousel Molds $224.50


Position the brass rod into its groove before pouring. When removing the figures lift upwards with the rod while flexing the mold. Several of the molds will have a hole inside allowing the rod to go down into the rubber. (See horse mold SR223.) Pulling the rod and figure straight outward will tear the mold.

The best pouring results are obtained by allowing the casting metal to remain being heated on our small stove for about 20-30 minutes after it has melted. If the figure doesn't cast completely, you may put it back into the pot. The rod will not melt.

After removing the figure from the mold, tap the rod from the top against a firm surface to position it properly. The rod will slide and its position can be adjusted. The brass rods are of slightly different lengths as this will give the appearance that the animals are going up and down as do animals on working carousels. Position the ball over the rod and tap it on. The rod is tapered slightly to allow for a press fit without gluing.

You will notice that the detail of each of the animals is different on their two sides. The side facing out from the carousel has more carved detail. This is true of all authentically hand carved carousel figures.

The children riders can best be fitted to the animals by seating them immediately after removing them from the molds and while they are still hot. Pressing downward on their legs will allow for some adjustment. Be sure to use your heavy duty work gloves when casting or handling the hot figures. You may then use Das Pronto sculpturing clay or Putty under the rider to fill any gaps that may exist. A toothpick can be used to insert the clay. Also use Das Pronto to fill any sink holes or depressions in the figures after casting. This is much easier than recasting the figure. This repair will not be noticeable after priming and painting.

It was impossible to work both of the giraffes ears into the mold without creating an undercut which would have prevented the mold from opening. You can build up the short ear by applying a small amount FastSteel or Green Stuff Putty. After the putty dries, shape by filing until a nice ear is built up. When the figure is primed and painted it will look fine. This also is a good method of adding detail to any figure where necessary.

We now offer a predrilled walnut stained wood base 1 5/16" in diameter (MS92) that makes a very nice stand for the carousel horses, lion and tiger.


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