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Series 34
North American Wildlife

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Wildlife Animals

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SR358A Eagle Body & Wings $33.00
SR358B Base with Tree for Perch, Nest & Claws $28.00
SR359A Mountain Lion $33.00
SR359B Base for Mountain Lion with 2 Cubs $33.00
SR360A Wolf $31.00
SR360B Base for Wolf with 3 Cub Heads $31.00
SR361 Horned Owl Perched in Tree $31.00
7S34 Entire Set of (7) Wildlife Molds $222.00


The Eagle molds you have purchased produce a beautiful figurine, and to assist you with its assembly we have included a useful drill bit as a free gift, 4 small sections of a large paperclip, and the following helpful instructions:

1. The molds pour fully formed figures very easily. Use graphite powder to blacken the molds. Dust the mold cavities with the graphite powder and rub it in converting it to a grease coating. Tap off any excess and pour both molds. Remove the cast figures and trim off any flashing and the pouring gates.

2. To facilitate matching the eagles legs to the feet on the stump do the following:

Line up the tree stump with the eagle body. Using a long-nose pliers slightly bend the trunk tops (the projecting pins above the eagles feet) to match the holes in the eagles legs. First bend one pin and then the other pin to match up with the leg holes. It requires only a minor adjustment to match the pins to the leg holes. This is best done while the casting is hot and can be moved with pliers. Use gloves when handling a hot casting.

3. Using a file, file a flat surface on the top each of the projecting pins. Then with the use of a pin vise and the drill bit provided, drill about a 1/8" deep hole down through the center of the flats and into the hole under each leg. Place a tiny section of wire included (which are straight pieces snipped off of a large paper clip) into each foot.. Insert the stump pins into the legs to see if you have the proper fit. If not adjust by drilling more. If you have the correct fit where the legs & feet match and the pins are not visible remove the paper clip pieces. Place a drop of Insta-cure super glue into each hole of the feet. Replace the paper clip strips and allow them to set for a minute. Then place a drop of the glue into each leg hole. Now insert the eagles legs into the tree stump pin projections. Hold for several moments while they set.

4. Green Stuff or FastSteel may be used to seal off any exposure between the legs and feet. To do this cut off a small amount and roll it out like a sausage in your hand and wind it around while pressing it into the seam. Later file or sand off any excess after it has hardened.

5. To attach each wing to the body we suggest using the FastSteel adhesive. Cut off a small section from the roll and knead it with your fingers until the colors blend uniformly. Roll a sausage like strip and position it between the wing and body. Press the wing against the body and hold it in the proper position for a minute or two until the Fast Steel hardens. Repeat this procedure with the other wing. File or sand off any excess adhesive.

6. Fill any gaps or sink holes with Kneaditite or FastSteel.

7. You are now ready to prime the casting. Allow enough drying time before painting. Coat with a protective seal after the paint has thoroughly dried. Allow the finished decorated figure to cure (harden) before handling. Maximum hardness is achieved after a few days.

These instructions may seem complex but the process is very easy and if done properly you wind up with a balanced Eagle securely assembled. This method of putting a pin into each section and then gluing together gives you a very strong bond between parts and can be used in many applications assembling figures and doing conversions.

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