Football Chess Set

 SERIES 36 Silicone Rubber Mold Football Chess Set

These beautifully sculpted action figure silicone rubber molds for
metal casting allow you to
cast and then paint your favorite:
School, College or Professional team to oppose their most bitter rival.  No
assembly of the figures are required and even the base is cast with the figures
as shown. The figures are scaled  slightly down in size from the King &
Queen 3 3/16Ó( the Quarterback & Cheerleader) to the Rook/Castle (Place
Kicker), Bishop (Running Back), Horse/Knight (Flanker Back) 2 5/8Ó, and Pawn
(Down Lineman).  The sizes given include the base.

  NOTE: We have
painted each figure with a different uniform, but in making a chess set each
side would be painted with their own team uniforms.

Paint Kit 28 Football Uniform Paints
(16 colors, Primer and Gloss)---$36.00
(this set will
allow you to paint most team colors)

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