Gold Taklon Brush Set
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9 Piece Gold Taklon Paint Brush Set
These are great brushes for painting miniatures
using acrylics or watercolors allowing you to
get into the smaller places requiring fine detail.
Brushes includes:
Brush Style Descriptions
Size 10/0 & 5/0 Round
Size 0 & 1 Liner
Size 2 & 4 Filbert
Size 2 & 4 Flat
Size 1/8 Angular

Brush Style Descriptions:
Round: Use for broad lines and stroke work.
Liner: Use for thin lines and fine detail.
Filbert: Use for blending.
Flat: Use for sharp edges.
Angular: Use for varied edges.
Brush Dimensions: length: 5"-5 3/4"

Customer reviews:
I really like the brush size for painting details.
I'm purchasing my second set. I've been using
my first set for years and they're still ingreat shape.
I like the small size of these brushes for
painting details.
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Gold Taklon Brush Set

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