Helpful Hints for Casting & Painting
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About our “Helpful Hints” booklet for Casting, Painting, & Producing Miniature Figures

The booklet has been written from an accumulation of my ideas and customer suggestions received over the past 30 years.

This booklet is the first and to date the only written and illustrated reference to this fascinating hobby.

It will assist and eliminate many common problems facing a newcomer to the art of casting, converting and painting  miniatures.

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"This 54 Page Booklet Is An Essential Aid for Casting Enthusiasts! "

Topics Included:

Using Lead/tin Casting Metals or Pewter
Pouring of Metal and Rubber Molds
How to Pour Perfect Figures
Suggestions to Improve Spoke Wheel Castings
Tools For Figure Conversions
Preparation of a Figure for Painting or Oxidizing
Painting Tips
Mixing Your Own Colors
Dry Brush Techniques
Make Your Own Mold Using a Home Vulcanizer or RTV (room temperature vulcanization materials)
Art of Soldering
Sculpting Material
Building Dioramas

And Much More!  

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Helpful Hints for Casting & Painting

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