Jewelry Making Kit


This is a fun. profitable craft that is easy to learn. Sculpt fashionable designs using the Kneadatite Sculpting Tape. Kneadatite or "Green Stuff" is great for sculpting, easy to measure out and mixed in small amounts. Air dry it hardens in 1 hour, cures overnight. Can be sanded or drilled after curing, or copy an existing piece with Castaldo's jewelry mold making rubber. An aluminum sculpting tool is included in the kit. "Quick-Sil" jewelry making rubber is not a liquid, it is very easy to use, just grab a handful of part A and a handful of Part B and mix quickly pressing it into the aluminum mold frame with the model. No measuring, no drips, fast (cures in minutes not hours), the mold is stronger and more heat resistant than liquid rubber plus it has an unlimited shelf life. Included in this kit is a 6"x8" aluminum work pad, electric melting pot, pouring ladle, a 10 oz. ingot of wearable lead-free pewter, tub of mold release cream and instructions. Our starter kit allows you to begin making jewelry without a large investment. 

#6000 Jewelry Starter Kit includes: 
Kneadatite Blue/Yellow Epoxy Sculpting Tape 36" strip of Blue/Yellow 2 part polymer
Aluminum sculpting tool
2.2 lbs. "Quick-Sil" jewelry mold making rubber
6"x8" Aluminum work sheet
Aluminum Mold Frame & covering pad
2 Heavy duty mold bands
Mold release cream 6"x8" Aluminum work pad
Electric melting pot
Pouring ladle
10oz. Ingot of lead-free pewter
Precision knife for cutting the pouring gates
4 mold alignment cap nuts 

OPTIONAL ITEMS that can be added:

#PS1 1-10oz. ingot of lead free pewter--$11.95

#PS11  1-16oz. Oxidizing Bath (for darkening pewter)---$t4.95

#PS15- 1-4/0 steel wool polishing pads-------- $2.95

#MS106 1lb. Kneadatite epoxy putty bars (white)....$21.95 

#MS104 Kneadatite "Green Stuff" Epoxy Putty 36" Pack....$14.95

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Jewelry Making Kit

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