Using either of our 2 friendly RTV (room temperature vulcanizations) mold making materials "Quick-Sil" (a 2 part silicone rubber putty) or "LiquaFast ICE" (a 2 part liquid silicone rubber) allows you to produce a one or two part mold ready for pouring casting metal or a fast setting casting plastic in less than an hour.

For the first time mold maker, we reccommend working with models having no undercuts. After you become familiar with the material and process, you can access more advanced projects by viewing many instructional videos appearing on YouTube.


"Quick-Sil" requires a rapis thorough mixing by hand. It is clean and easy to knead and requies pressure to be applied against the model to accurately pick up detail from the original. The applied pressure helps to eliminate trapped air bubbles. Our Wood Mold Frame Press is a very valuable aid in this regard and also allows for many different size mold cavities.

"LiquaFast ICE" is easy to use and when mixed in equal amounts, stirred carefully it can be poured over a model picking up full detail. The advantage of using LiquaFast ICE is the wide range of model sizes and shapes that can be used.


Castaldo Quick-Sil Two Part RTV Silicone Putty Kit 2.2 lbs

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LiquaFast ICE Mold Making Material 2.2 lbs

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LiquaFast ICE 4kg. Package (about 1 gal.) Part A&B

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