Over 450 reusable rubber & metal molds with the ability to make a mold of your own figures.

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    Cast in either Metal or Rubber Our metal molds are 3 figure molds.  All full figure casts, no parts to assemble. When an arm or weapon needs to be attached they do not distort the casting. The metal molds are less detailed and harder to pour than silicone rubber molds, however many regard them as antique collectibles.

    YES, Casting is an adult hobby but it also is a wonderful way for a parent to work along with their children. It will introduce a young person to a historical period, allow them to play with the cast figures they have helped make. “Old Toy Soldiers” have been long recognized as being important part in the development of youthful imagination. Also, children (boys and girls) love to paint the figures, and are proud of them even if simply done. We offer a number of our molds that appeal to girls such as the “Winter Village” Series 15”, “Carousel” Series 17”, “Wizards and Gnomes” Series 22 & Series 28”, “Victorian figure Series 19”,”NativitySeries 20”, Unicorn mold SR93 and many, many others.