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Without investing a lot of money you could generate nice profits by casting your own lead-free pewter figures. 
We do not charge a license fee for molds or the products that you may sell.  Generally if the mold produces a 54mm figure (about 2 1/4" tall) the mold sells for $16.00.  There are some exceptions to this price if the tooling had cost us additional dollars.
My suggestions for the best selling castings are:
A complete set Chess Figures such as the King Richards Set (Item #6S6) or the Medieval Chess Set (item #6S24). Other sets are also available.
Individual castings of some Fantasy molds such as the Wizards from  #SR339 or SR86, Evil Queen #SR335 or Sorceress SR85, and the Unicorn Horse from #SR93.
Assembled dioramas such as figures from SR328A, SR328B & SR328C.
I have made the above suggestions since you can produce them in pewter (#PS1), patina them in our Oxidizing Bath #PS11, and polish them with the 4/0 Steel Wool (#PS15) for a beautiful pewter finish.
By completing the figures in this manner it enables you to complete the castings without the need to paint them.  Painting is very time consuming and if you are not extremely good at it, it lessens the chance of selling the product. It also reduces your cost by not having to purchase, paints and brushes.  
However, here's an idea for you to create an interesting, easy and attractive way to paint a chess set: Spray one side white with our White Primer (#M109) and the opposing side with the Black Primer (#M110.  These primers give good coverage and are very effective for a nice chess set.
If you desire to paint some individual figures, Medieval Knights and Horses along with some Civil War and Americana (Cowboys & Indians) and U.S. Army figures would be good, but the time invested in painting probably would not be worth while.
Get going now by ordering one of our Starter Casting Sets. Try it out and if satisfied order the molds or mold series you would be interested in selling.
I hope this information will assist you in making your decision.
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