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Three silicone rubber molds (SR363-SR365) can be used to create a beautiful Tudor style chess set (because multiple figures are in each mold, the cost to produce a complete chess set is quite low). Each individual figure can also stand alone as a detailed painted miniature or be finished in
polished pewter. The molds are very easy to pour and the figures require minimal cleanup.

Mold SR363 contains (2) 54 MM figures 2" tall:  Henry the 8th (born 1491, and reigned as King of England 1509-1547). He was married 6
times. Cathrine of Aragon, Henry’s first of 6 wives & Queen. was a Spanish princess who had been married to Henry’s elder brother Arthur before he died. They had numerous children but only one daughter (Mary 1) survived childhood. Later their marriage was annulled, as she hadn’t produced a child son. Henry remarried 5 more times.

Mold SR364 contains 2 figures: A Horse (Unicorn) & Castle

Mold SR365 contains 3 figures: 2 Pages (Pawns each slightly different) & a 54MM Jester (Bishop)


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