War on Terroism Casting Set

All Adults, parents and their children should realize we and the whole world is AT WAR WITH TERRORISM. This war is different from WW2, and more recent engagements as the enemy is not easily recognizable. They all look like a ragtag gang.

Our new complete casting (no company has ever offered a complete set) includes:

2- current Gulf War 54mm figure molds with masonite backings
1 lb. electric melting pot,  6’ cord set
Pouring ladle
1 pr. of Heavy Duty Hot Mill Work Gloves
4-mold clamp bands
1- 10oz. ingot of Britannia lead-free Pewter that will cast up to 6—54mm figures
1- Needle file (for removing seam lines)
1/4 oz. bottle of brush on gray primer
1- complete set of Testor Model Master Enamel paints to paint both figures and more
1oz. bottle of Lacquer Thinner to clean brushes
1-Hobby paint brush
2- foam backed plastic cases to display figures
Complete instructions

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War on Terroism Casting Set

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