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Basic Starter Casting Set

The casting set includes:

One pound capacity electric melting pot with 6’ cord set
Pouring Ladle
Your choice of a silicone rubber or metal mold
(both suitable for metal casting) having up to an $18 value.
13 oz. ingot of casting metal
(which will make up to 6- 54mm figures)
Mold clamp(s)
1 Pair.of Heavy Duty protective gloves
Graphite mold release powder and applicator brush
Complete Instructions 

Item #1001 only $69.94
PLEASE READ - We have supplied the finest casting metals at low prices for years in an effort to make casting affordable.  When checking competitive sources on the internet similar product prices may be double that of ours. With material and shipping costs rising it is necessary for us to adjust our prices.
We are letting you know in advance that increases will be effective as of September 1st., but current prices will be available till then.
Take advantage of this this opportunity for the coming  Fall & Winter 
casting sessions by ordering before Sept. 1


 Britannia Alloy Lead-Free 
Pewter Ingot 1lb



 Britannia Alloy Lead-Free 
Pewter Ingots 2lb



 Welcome to Castings!

I have been providing Hobbyists and Schools with Molds, Melting Pots & Casting Metals for over 43 years, and now Mold Making Materials.

In 1975 I started supplying Metal Molds from Tooling, originally made by the Home Foundry Company of Chicago. Later in the 70's Silicone Rubber became useable for Metal Casting. Our Rubber Molds are now easier to pour Fully Formed Figures, Reproduce More Detail, and are Less Likely to Burn Out. However, the Old Metal Molds desired by many collectors are still available from us!



NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN under 13 working without adult supervision.

All of our Starter Casting Sets include an electric melting pot. It is a bad idea and could be dangerous to melt casting metal over your stove or a hot plate. Included with sets having a silicone rubber mold is a packet of very fine graphite powder which improves the metal low into the mold and aids in the release of the casting. Using graphite powder is far superior to the old method of using talcum powder which also leaves a white haze on the casting surface.

All of our melting pots and molds are made in the USA


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